Ogletree Deakins, who has provided invaluable information for americanpipeline.org throughout the pandemic and to APCA for many years, has prepared a detailed Return to Work Guide that will help you develop plans to return employees to work and/or the workplace.

In short, with input from more than 30 highly experienced labor and employment lawyers, the Guide contains more than 45 pages of written analysis and recommendations on common return to work issues, plus 23 templates, flowcharts, and checklists as practical tools to help you craft and implement a strategic and safe return to work process. The firm is hosting a Return to Work webinar (https://ogletree.com/webinars/2020-04-23/return-to-work-a-guide-for-getting-the-workforce-back-into-the-workplace/) this Thursday, April 23, to discuss these and related issues.

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Additionally, as you plan for the recovery, Ogletree's complimentary and regularly updated Chart Summarizing State & Local Closure Orders (https://ogletree.com/app/uploads/covid-19/COVID-19-Closure-Orders-STATES-AND-MAJOR-LOCALITIES.pdf?version=30) and Chart Summarizing Orders to Screen Employees for Symptoms & Provide Protective Measures (https://ogletree.com/app/uploads/covid-19/COVID-19-Screening-Orders-States-and-Major-Localities.pdf?version=1) will be very useful.

Greg Guidry, Ogletree Deakins, who speaks at every APCA Annual Convention and Mid-Year Meeting, says to email him if you would like to order the Guide or need anything at all: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..