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New resources for planning Safe + Sound Week activities are now available!

Please visit OSHA's Safe & Sound Week to access dozens of ideas for planning events that highlight the three core elements of a successful safety and health program: ·       Management Leadership: Deliver a safety andhealth message; Establish a visible presence to promote safety and health; Formalize and publicize your commitment to safety and health; Take your commitment to safety and health beyond your organization ·       Worker Participation: Show you are listening and ask for feedback; Empower workers with safety and health information; Recognize workers or teams for contributions to workplace safety; Partner for safety and health planning ·       Find and Fix Hazards: Spotlight hazards and controls; Create challenges, contests, and competitions; Evaluate safety and health processes and systems; Conduct analyses to identify hazards We’ve also created an interactive map where you can let others know that you’re participating in Safe + Sound Week and find other participants and events from across the country. Once you register, your organization or event will be featured on the map. Be sure to check out the tools and resources available to help you plan and promote your events and don’t forget to share your events, photos, and more on social media with the hashtag #SafeAndSound. Thanks again for your interest in Safe + Sound Week!
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