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APCA Safety Meeting Notes

August 23, 2018
DoubleTree Galleria
5353 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77056


  • Ron Oakley – SUNLAND, Director HSE; 47 Years in Safety, 11 Years with Sunland; 1,100 Full-Time; 1,976 Employees Last Month

  • Miles Hester – PROGRESSIVE, VP of Safety and Risk Management

  • Jimmy Lindsey – SUNLAND, OQ Coordinator; 26 Years with Sunland

  • Jose Ruiz – SUNLAND, OQ Manager; 8 Years with Sunland; Assist APCA with Bilingual Translations

  • Don Quirk – WHC, EHS Manager; 6 Years with WHC; 1,400 Employees, Peak of 2,000

  • James T. Roberts – PUMPCO; 28 Years; Safety Director (Retired); Now Part Time – OQ Division; 2,200 Employees

  • Nick Bruno – BICON – 14 Years; Division Manager; Station Work; 500 Employees

  • Ricky Dyess – MG Dyess, VP, 43 Years in Industry

  • Scott Shook – TROY, VP of HSE; 9 Years; 2,400 Employees-Largest Year Since 2012

  • Jason Hust – TROY, Superintendent; Been on Committee 8 Years; 22 Years in Industry.

  • Aaron Simon – MPG, APCA Board of Directors


  • Cameron Strother – SOUTHLAND SAFETY, Operations Director; 11 Years with Southland, 40 Employees

  • Mark Beisecker – Cobbs Allen Insurance – 39 Years’ Experience


  • Jim Shelton – OSHA – Compliance Assistance Specialist – Not Enforcement, Just Assistance; 14 Years in This Position

  • Andrew Karr – Energy WorldNet Representative, Guest of Jim Roberts, PUMPCO


  • Aaron Simon – MPG

    • Look to grow the participation in the APCA Safety Committee to better serve all APCA members. We need to get member company’s safety person engage with the Safety Committee.

    • We are all in the same business and face the same safety issues. Demand of labor is due to the industry boom. We are all struggling to find qualified workers. There are 46 member Companies in the APCA organization. Some ideas for the Safety Committee to think about and work on:

      • Combined orientation among members

      • OQ Consortium

      • Equipment Operators – What can we do as a group

      • Notification of Alerts…. From an industry as a whole, like INGAA Lesson Learned distribution

      • Look to eliminate repetitiveness in OQ, Training, Orientation, etc.

      • We all need to be Passionate about Safety

  • Nick Bruno – Bi-Con Services

    • Very encouraged to see the Safety Committee back together. We need to grow the member participation of the Safety Committee to what it was years ago. We lost momentum over the last year.

  • Ricky Dyess – MG Dyess

    • Support the mission. Support what Nick and Aaron have stated. APCA is an asset to the community and to the industry. We need to figure out how do we get represented as a group to our clients – Example: Cheniere meeting next week – if we had a good spokesperson to represent the group and our individual companies.

OSHA UPDATES – James Shelton, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist

  • Silica Standard Update – James Shelton, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist

    • Employers covered by the construction standard have complied with most requirements of the standard by September 23, 2017 (delayed from June 23, 2017).

    • Employers covered by the general industry and maritime standard must comply with most requirements of the standard by June 23, 2018.

    • Additional information available on attached “Silica_FAQs_2016-3-22.pdf

    • Additional information available on attached “Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica-FAQ-1926.1153.pdf

    • Compliance Officers look for the “low hanging fruit”, i.e., do you have a silica plan, exposure assessment, engineering controls, written control plan, how to train employees, HAZCOM, Knowledge and Understanding of procedures, training, etc.

    • OSHA is looking to have a National Emphasis Program (NEP) for Silica in the near future. Currently if they see a dust cloud they are not required to stop and conduct and inspection, as they do Excavation under that NEP.

  • OSHA Crane Standard Update – James Shelton, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist

    • Certification Program – Published 11-09-2017

    • Certification Deadline due 11-10-2018

    • NPRM 05-21-18 – Operator Competency

      • Look to remove capacity requirement for certification

      • Establish min criteria for operator competency

      • Rearranged training in subsections

    • Certification based on capacity or type

    • Common Procession of Crane Operator (like having a learners permit)

      • Operator in Training

      • Certification

      • Evaluation

    • Evaluation to know if operator has SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, and Judgement

    • Training must meet a minimum training


      • Certification exemption but must be trained…. DOCUMENTED.

    • Operator-in-Training – you can have an operator in training, but a trained operator must be on a 1:1 ratio, onsite to observe and react

      • Supervisor of Operator-in-Training – must be the employer or an agent of employer – this way they can cite as needed, and must:

        • Have knowledge, skill and experience

        • Can’t be doing other tasks

        • Exempted tasks for Operator-in-Training – man baskets, oper shafts, tank farms, power lines…

        • Training – Combination of skill, knowledge and judgement

  • Trenching and Excavation – James Shelton, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist

    • Re-emphasis on inspections, look for upcoming notice to the National Emphasis Program for increase in inspections due to rise in fatalities.

  • Recordkeeping – James Shelton, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist

    • 2018 OSHA 300A Submittal and upload to web site for 250+ employees, not the 300 Log or 301 Form

    • You will have to add the Employee Identification Number when submitting

  • Free Crane Seminar – James Shelton, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist

    • In October there is a free Crane Seminar put on by Crane Inspection and Certification Bureau, LLC,

      • Oct 12th – Mobile Crane and Rigging Safety Awareness Seminar – 3 Hours

      • Oct 12th – Overhead Crane/Hoist and Rigging Safety Awareness Seminar – 3 Hours

  • University of Houston – CLEAR LAKE (UHCL) – James Shelton, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist

    • Fall Protection in Construction Train-the-Trainer Workshop

      • August 30th – Gulf Coast Safety Institute, 320 Delany Rd, La Marque, TX

      • September 7th – OSHA Houston North Area Office, 690 South Loop 336, Suite 400, Conroe, TX

    • Fall Protection in Construction (English and Spanish)

      • University of Houston Clear Lake, 2700 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX

        • Aug 25th Spanish (8:30 to 12:30); Aug 31st Spanish (8:30 to 12:30); Sep 1st English (8:30 to 12:30)

      • Gulf Coast Safety Institute, 320 Delany Rd, La Marque, TX

        • Sep 6th Spanish (8 to 12); Sep 6th English (1 to 5)

    • Classes are filling quickly and more classes are planned to be added

  • Update of OSHA website redesign – James Shelton, OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist

    • Laws and Regs

    • Enforcement

    • Trenching and Excavation

OSHA Alliance Events

  • June 18th-23rd – Trench Safety Stan Down

  • August 13th-19th – Safe + Sound Week

  • September 20th – Alliance Program Construction Roundtable (APCR) – Washington, DC


  • Best Practices Review and Updating of 54 BPs in English and Spanish

    • Assign to Safety Committee members to review/edit on a regular basis

    • Drive this outward, once reviewed and submitted to group (have final vetting by group)

    • Develop new BPs

      • Fatigue Driving?

      • JSA?

      • Need other topics

  • Lessons learned repository on the Safety Zone site

    • Need to setup and develop process for entering of Lessons Learned

    • If possible, need to be generic forms, need to be sterilized before distribution

    • Committee – should vet LL for content and cleanliness

    • LL will need to be password protected

  • How do we get folks to use the information on the website?

    • Distribute Note to Members – to look and send suggestions

    • Look to add a Member Only (password) site

      • Will associate members have access to the member only site?

    • Look to add in Safety Zone a Resources tab (posters and training materials, etc.)

    • Look to Clean and Simplify the website

    • ALERTS – (this may be more email blast material) – but distribution of industry safety alerts – product, requirements, whatever

    • Look to Remove Data – (may need to have a sidebar and review together)

      • Do the SC Meeting minutes need to be on the site? Or, placed in the Member Only location and include meeting specific information?

    • Should we have a Calendar?

  • Setup sub committees and communicate with outside organizations about the non-union safety message

    • Start development of the non-union safety message and best method to deliver the message

    • How to get a voice? EXAMPLE – Sean @ Michels is on everything – for either Michels or PLCA?

    • Client Safety Summits – how to represent APCA?

      • Need to establish a vision to discuss

      • Need to plan now rather than later to prevent from being skipped for a year

  • APCA to reach out to members to get safety contacts

    • Must get Executives from each Member Company to encourage participation by their respective safety contact, we need to grow participation and have representation from each Member Company

  • Bring in guest speakers to quarterly meetings

    • OSHA Rep invited to all meetings

    • Suggestions for Guest Speakers at Quarterly Meetings

      • Drug and Alcohol

      • Safety Talk

      • DOT Trucking, ELD

      • DOT Pipeline

      • New Standards – Look to review and push organizations to comment

      • Border Patrol

      • Active Shooter (local PD)

      • EEOC – Employment Law (Jim Shelton has contacts)

        • Hiring Practices

        • Health Questionnaire at or pre-hire.

        • Applications or hiring package

        • Background Checks

APCA Mid-Year Meeting – October 10th-13th – Charleston, SC

APCA Safety Committee Meeting – November 8th – Houston, TX



  • Find creation dates for each of the best practices – Miles has completed the task

    • Look to prioritize based on age and industry changes (old, silica)

      • Look at updating silica to meet new standard. Jim Shelton volunteered information (Silica)


    • Ron/Miles – Meet and pick a few to assign

      • Once Assigned, Group to bring notes to next meeting 1-08-18

      • Groups to review select Best practices and make suggestions in redline for group review

    • Look to bring LL for review for the next meeting (need to distribute a notice)

  • MARK BEISECKER – Does APCA have the availability or accessibility to Grant Writers to assist with group training efforts, other (from AARON SIMON WELCOME NOTES above)

  • RICKY DYESS Question – Exxon – respirator use within 10’ of welding operations?

  • QUESTION – What do we need to do to make sure this committee has a PURPOSE?

  • DON QUIRK, RON OAKLEY – How to drive loyalty? Big issue

  • Look to get email grouping from Tim to enable Safety Committee to properly distribute/communicate with group

  • Future Correspondence

    • Send more notices – calendar invites, hotel reminders, especially if homework is assigned

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