APCA Safety Zone - Tools for the Workplace

APCA Safety Meeting Notes
May 24, 2018
(Meeting Presentation)


Ron Oakley, Sunland
Jimmy Lindsey, Sunland
Doug Mouton, Sunland
Clint Wilson, WHC
Don Quirk, WHC
Miles Hester, Progressive
Laris Nolan, Bluewater
Robert House, Brown Integrity
Scott Shook, Troy
Brad Over, Elkhorn/Woodros
Jason Hust, Troy
Mike Castle, Jr., Progressive
Sean Renfro, Sunland
Ricky Dyess, M.G. Dyess
Chris Rhudy, Southland Safety
Dominique Estrello, Troy
Tim Wagner, APCA

Ron started the meeting by pointing out the exits and setting a plan for evacuation that included who would take the materials and where we would meet.

Mike, Sean, and Ricky welcomed the attendees and stressed the importance of safety to the member companies.

Ron reviewed the history of the OSHA alliance. Started in 2007. Last agreement signed in 2015.

Introductions with name, company, years in the industry, last injury sustained at home.

Ron: The point of the exercise is to show that safety should not be left at work. It needs to be taken seriously all the time including at home. We take risks at home that we would never take at work. Many of these injuries would be OSHA reportable incidents. If this group was a contractor, would you hire us?

MEETINGS: How many meetings should there be? The group was told by Marilyn that the committee needed to meet 7 times per year but the alliance agreement does not specify a number of meetings. The group agreed to meet quarterly. The group agreed to meet in Houston. Meet at the Doubletree at the Galleria. Set the meeting dates 1 year out and negotiate rates based on a 4 meeting commitment. Meet in February, May, August, November on Thursdays. We should have a guest speaker to drive attendance.

MEETING DATES: August 23rd with the 16th as a backup, and November 8th with the 15th as a backup.

BEST QUOTE: “After staying in this hotel last night…I’ll stay on the side of the road next time.”

WEBSITE: Need to setup menu item on safety zone for safety committee with a calendar of upcoming meetings, presentations from past meetings, and minutes from each meeting. Also need a menu item for past OSHA notifications.


  • Do more best practices.
  • Revamp old best practices.
  • Need to develop materials and information to take back to the member companies.
  • How do we get folks to use the information on the website.
  • Lessons learned repository on the Safety Zone.
  • Group needs to follow through with best practices.
  • Agendas need to be sent for each meeting well ahead of time to give attendees time to add items.
  • Setup sub committees and communicate with outside organizations about the non-union safety message (Ricky Dyess.)
  • Get on customer’s safety summits agenda to speak about APCA’s safety agenda.
  • Have a board member attend each meeting to avoid moving in a direction that would be contrary to the APCA board.
  • APCA to reach out to members to get safety contacts.
  • Bring in guest speakers to quarterly meetings.
  • Create the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and have it forward to the safety committee co-chairs.

Send out notification about the June Trenching Safety Stand Down and the August Safe + Sound week.

Looking for new people to serve on the Veriforce Contractor Advisory Group.

A major operating company is upping their requirements for lead safety professionals on jobs of more than 20 workers to include OSHA training, a diploma or degree, 10 years in the oil and gas business, and 3 consecutive years in safety.

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